Travel Well 2020 Media Kit

Travel Well 2020 Media Kit
Staff Writer
Fri, 06/05/2020 – 15:30

B-Roll and Videos

B-ROLL | Travel well: Sanitizing aircraft and filtering air onboard

B-ROLL | Travel well: Cleanliness at Delta check-in counters and security

B-ROLL | Travel well: Clean surfaces and safe distancing at the gate and during boarding

B-ROLL | Travel well: Delta teams build custom Military medical pods

B-ROLL | Travel well: New snack bags on board help reduce touch points

B-ROLL | Travel well: Health and safety measures in place on all Delta flights

B-ROLL  | Travel well: Delta teams manufacture personal protective equipment

B-ROLL | Travel well: Baggage claim cleanliness measures

B-ROLL | Travel well: Delta HEPA air filtration system

VIDEO | Employee volunteers help bring new standard of clean to Delta aircraft

VIDEO | ‘Delta Clean’ delivers new standard of airline cleanliness, now and always

VIDEO | Air filtration systems help keep aircraft cabins safe

Travel Well Series

VIDEO | Episode 1: Delta answers customer questions on commitment to clean

VIDEO | Episode 2: Flying clean with Delta: What to expect

VIDEO | Episode 3: Delta’s standard of clean rises with new seating policies

Related Announcements

ARTICLE | More space through summer: Delta will block middle-seat selection, cap cabin seating through Sept. 30

ARTICLE | Complimentary care kits provide Delta customers travel safety essentials

ARTICLE | Travel well: Face coverings, more space, clean air and more – Delta has you covered

ARTICLE | Delivering on new clean standard, Delta now sanitizing every flight

ARTICLE | Delta expands safety commitment by requiring all customers to wear face coverings across travel

ARTICLE | In the bag: New snack bags now onboard for domestic Delta travelers

ARTICLE | Focused on safety, Delta moves quickly to meet customer needs during coronavirus

ARTICLE | Delta blocking middle seats, pausing automatic advance upgrades and more to enable more space for safer travel

Additional Resources

PHOTOS | Delta travel well photo gallery


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