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South West Airline is one of the major Airline of United States, which was established in March 15, 1967 by Herb Kelleher as Air South West Co.., and later adopted its current name. The Airline is recognized as the world’s largest low-cost carrier. In the year 1971, the Airline started its roots years as an intrastate airline within the state of Taxas, First flying between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The Airline is fortunate to announce that more than 60,000 employees are currently working in the airline which clearly stating a good financial condition and on country part creating job opportunity for the youth of the United States. The Airline, operates on more than 101 destination and ten additional countries which means in which part of the world you are it doesn’t matter South West quality services can reach there. The Airline work with the aim of Customer’s satisfaction and comfort that is the reason the Airline keep on working in technology department. As per the year 2019 the Airline is recognized as most preferred Airline for its quality services and lowest price it offers in United States.

Why should you fly with South West 

If you wish to change your travel dates, time or hotel, South West vacations charge minor fee as comparison to other partner airlines. In some cases when airline itself do’s any changes you need to pay a single penny for your preferred time and dates.

The first and second checked bags fly free, weight and size limits apply, and a golf bag, pair of skis. Or a snow board can be substituted for one checked bag.

Bundle your flight and hotel together and save 45% .when you add features like sightseeing tours, attractions and rental car in your trip it makes the trip more enjoyable and you save even more. So grab the exciting offers and book with us.

If the price of an identical package is lower than the price you paid, we promise we

Will issue the difference to you in the form of a travel and you can fly anytime with us.

We all need help every once and a while, that is why Airlines customer care is always available. So if you ever have any concern about anything just dial +18668279894. It doesn’t matter if you call before you travel, during your vacation, or when you return from the trip. We are always there for you.

Baggage Policies

The maximum weight that passenger can carry is 50 pounds and maximum size is 62 inches per check piece of luggage. Overweight items from 51 to 100 pounds over-sized items in excess of 62 inches but not more than 80 inches will be accepted but additional fee will be charged on passenger.

Travelling with Pets

South West Airline Allows proper small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs to travel with the passenger in cabin and under the seat in front of you.

The Airline does not allows the passenger to travel with Pets in cabin on international flights.

All Pets must be carried in an appropriate manner, as indicated below.

(1). Pets will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis until capacity is reached.

(2). Only 6 Pets are allowed per flight with a limit of one pet carrier per

    paying customer travelling on the same flight.     

(3). Pet must be checked in at the airport ticket counter

(4). A pet that engages in disruptive behavior may be denied boarding, Example of disruptive behavior are given below:

(a). Scratching, excessive whining or barking

(b). Growling, biting, lunging

(5). Urinating or defecating in the cabin or gate area

In-flight Amenities offered by South West Airline

South West Airline offers wide variety of snacks and beverages to tempt your taste buds. The Airline offer fully lie-flat seats with extra legroom, adjustable leg rest, extra seat pitch and Wi-Fi facility. Cocktails, beer, and wine may also be purchased by the passenger. All major credit cards are accepted, but we no longer accept cash.

Additional Snacks are available on longer flights.

In flights entertainment

South West inflight entertainment options are totally free to you, so you don’t need to purchase Wi-Fi to access them. Watch new movies, series, serials and much more for free, so bring your favorite viewing device and headphones to take advantage of all the free entertainment option and enjoy your trip.