Sending medical volunteers to NYC and CA

During this unprecedented health crisis, we’re doing what we can to support the communities where our employees and customers live and work. As part of our efforts, we’re providing free round-trip flights for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals traveling to New York City and California.

In New York City, we’re partnering with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and a network of medical volunteer organizations, including The Society of Critical Care Medicine, to coordinate travel. “It is our hope that providing air travel at no cost will allow additional dedicated volunteers and first responders the ability to reach the Tri-State area, that has been hit hardest by COVID-19,” said Jill Kaplan, President, New York / New Jersey for United Airlines. Those interested in volunteering or learning more about the program can visit the New York City Health’s website here.

“Our frontline healthcare workers are heroes. We are profoundly grateful to them for their unwavering commitment to support our communities and medical providers at this time of exceptional need,” said California President Janet Lamkin. In partnership with California Governor Gavin Newsom, those interested in volunteering or learning more about the program can visit the California State website here.

We’re working with local government agencies and their non-profit partners to ensure qualified medical professionals have the proper housing and transportation to enable them to effectively offer their services. Additionally, we’re collaborating with a network of professional medical volunteer organizations to help enlist volunteers.

We plan to expand this program to other communities who are also facing unprecedented need of the same support within the coming days and weeks to allow more volunteers to help in the places that need them most.