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Kenya Airways, the national airline of Kenya, operates flights within Africa, but also to Europe and Asia. Kenya Airways has 32 modern aircraft with which you can fly very comfortably to 52 different destinations. Of these destinations, 43 can be found in Africa, putting Kenya Airways at the forefront of connecting Africa to the rest of the world.

This is how the Kenya Airways check in works

Checking in with Kenya Airways is possible in several ways. You go to the check-in desks at the airport and the desk clerk will help you check-in or choose to check-in via the self-service check-in kiosk at the airport. If you opt for the self-service check-in kiosk, you often do not have to queue. If you are taking an international flight, it is recommended to check in at least 2.5 hours before departure. For domestic flights, 1.5 hours before departure is sufficient. Don’t feel like checking in at the airport? Then check in online. This is possible from 30 hours to a maximum of 3 hours before your departure and is even possible with your mobile phone. Keep your flight ticket and passport at hand when checking in online.

You do this with your Kenya Airways luggage

The rules for baggage differ per airline, so it is very wise to check which baggage rules apply when you have Kenya Airways flight tickets while packing. The costs for travel luggage are often already included in the travel sum. You only have to pay more if you want to take extra hold luggage with you.

Kenya Airways cabin baggage rules

Are you only taking hand luggage? Then the following rules apply:

Hold baggage rules at Kenya Airways

In addition to hand luggage, you can also take hold luggage with you. If you have Kenya Airways flight tickets, the following rules apply to hold baggage:

The costs for booking hold luggage are EUR 30 per 23 kg. This applies per person and per flight.

Fly business class with Kenya Airways

Do you want to arrive at your destination well rested and are you happy to pay a higher price for it? Then consider booking business class tickets. You will then fly much more comfortably and with fewer fellow passengers, making the journey smoother. You have more space and you can lay your chair completely flat. This way you arrive well rested in Africa or another destination!

Fly to Kenya with Kenya Airways

If you want to fly to Kenya or another destination with Kenya Airways, take a look at the possible destinations on the Kenya page . Fly to Eldoret and visit Doinyo Lessons, Kenya’s oldest cheese factory. Or take Kenya Airways to the tropical beaches of Mombasa. Besides swimming in the azure blue sea, you can settle there on the Tamarind Dhow, a party boat where you will swing until the sun sets. Other destinations worth considering are: Kisumu, Lamu, Mara Lodges and Lokichoggio.

Fly with Kenya Airways to an unforgettable destination

Are you already able to choose between 52 different destinations? Whether that will be Kenya or another destination in Africa. Choosing Kenya Airways is in any case a good idea. Let’s make it fly!

Kenya Airways