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Hawaiian Airlines Date Change Subject to stipulations and fees, Hawaiian Airlines Date Change permits customers to change the date of their flight. This information can help you if you need to adjust the date of your Hawaiian Airlines flight.The national airline of Hawaii, with its main office in Honolulu, is Hawaiian Airlines.

It offers flights to locations in North America, the South Pacific, Asia, and Oceania. Since its establishment in 1929, Hawaiian Airlines has grown to be the biggest airline established in Hawaii.

The airline, which runs a fleet of Airbus and Boeing planes, is renowned for its friendliness, onboard entertainment, and dedication to sustainability. Over the years, Hawaiian Airlines has received several honours, including being awarded the “Best Airline in Hawaii” by Travel + Leisure magazine for 17 straight years.


Step 1 is to review the fare rules.


Checking the fare rules on your ticket is the first step. You may be able to alter your flight date for free or you may have to pay a change fee plus any fare difference depending on the fare class you selected.

Visit the Hawaiian Airlines website and select “Manage Flights” to review the fare regulations. After you type in your last name and reservation code, the contents of your ticket, including the pricing rules, should appear.

Select a new flight in step two.


Step 2: Choose a different flight.


You can select a new flight date that works for you after you are aware of the fare policies. On the Hawaiian Airlines website, select “Manage Flights” and then “Change Flights” to accomplish this.


You should be shown a list of available flights after entering your reservation code and last name. Pick the one that best suits your needs, and then adhere to the instructions to finalise the modification.


Step 3: Pay any levies or price differences in step three.


You must pay any fees or pricing differences associated with altering your flight at the time of the change. You can do this online with a credit card or other acceptable payment option.




Depending on the fare class you choose and the timing of the change, Hawaiian Airlines Date Change has different fees for changing a flight. For instance, beginning in 2021, changing a flight in first class within 60 days of departure would cost up to $500, while changing a flight in economy class within 60 days of departure will cost up to $200.




You must pay any fees or pricing differences associated with altering your flight at the time of the change. You can do this online with a credit card or other acceptable payment option.


Hawaiian Airlines Date Change


Step 4: Review your schedule.


Check your revised itinerary to make sure everything looks accurate after making the adjustment and paying any expenses. On the Hawaiian Airlines Date Change website, select “Manage Flights” and then “See Itinerary” to carry out this action.


Verify that the dates, times, and airports are all correct, and that any additional data like seat assignments or meal preferences have been carried over to the next trip.


Step 5: Save or print your updated itinerary.


For your records, remember to print or save your updated itinerary. By selecting “See Itinerary” on the Hawaiian Airlines website, you can do this by printing or saving the page thereafter.




It can be useful to have a copy of your updated itinerary in case you need to refer to it later or show it to someone else.In conclusion, altering your Hawaiian Airlines Date Change is a simple procedure, but it’s crucial to review the fare policies and associated fees before doing so. You can guarantee a smooth and successful flight date change by adhering to the preceding guidelines.


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