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Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service | +1 (718) 719-0464 

Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service biggest airline established in

Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines offers flights to a number of locations across

the world. They take pride in offering their customers top-notch support

both on the ground and in the air. Here is all the information you require

on their customer service.

Contacting Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service: Customers can reach

Hawaiian Airlines customer service department through a variety of

means. They are accessible by phone, email, live chat, and social


Phone: +1 (718) 719-0464 is the company’s customer service number.

There are always available lines.

Email: Send questions to customer@hawaiianair.com.

Live Chat: To get your questions answered, use the live chat option on

their website.

Social media: You can contact them by sending a message through their

accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Hawaiian Airlines complete baggage policy is available to customers.

Any checked bag that the airline permits to be brought on board must

not weigh more than 50 pounds. But, there is an extra baggage tax if you

bring more than is allowed. Each passenger is permitted one carry-on

bag and one personal item under the airline carry-on baggage policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service provides any passengers that need

it with special help. The airline provides customised seating options,

wheelchair assistance, and support for travellers with hearing or vision

impairments. Contacting the airline’s customer service department is

advised for passengers.


Hawaiian Airlines Customer service


Special Assistance:

Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service offers special assistance to

passengers who require it. The Line offers wheelchair assistance,

special seating arrangements, and assistance for passengers with

hearing or vision impairments. Passengers are advised to contact the

airlines customer service team at least 48 hours before the flight to

arrange for the required assistance.

Flight Changes and Cancellations:

Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to make changes to their flights,

subject to availability. However, the airline charges a change fee, and

passengers will have to pay any difference in the fare. The airline also

offers refunds for cancellations, subject to certain terms and conditions.

In-flight Services:

Hawaiian Airlines offers a range of in-flight services to its passengers.

The airline offers complimentary meals and beverages, including snacks,

juices, and sodas. Passengers can also purchase alcoholic beverages

on board. The airline also offers in-flight entertainment, with a selection

of movies, TV shows, and music.

Hawaiian Miles:

Hawaiian Airlines frequent flyer program is called Hawaiian Miles.

Passengers can earn miles by flying with Hawaiian Airlines or its partner

airlines, using Hawaiian Airlines credit card, or by staying at partner

hotels. The airline offers various rewards for miles earned, such as flight

upgrades, free flights, and discounts on car rentals.

Complaints and Feedback:

Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service encourages its customers to provide

feedback on their services. The airline has a dedicated customer

feedback form on their website, where passengers can submit their

complaints or suggestions. Passengers can also contact the airlines

customer service team to escalate their issues.


Hawaiian Airlines App:

Hawaiian Airlines has a mobile app that passengers can download to

manage their flights. The app allows passengers to check in online, view

their flight status, and access their boarding pass. Passengers can also

use the app to book flights, manage their Hawaiian Miles account, and

access in-flight entertainment.

Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service has a pet policy that permits

customers to bring their pets along on specific circumstances. To make

the necessary arrangements, passengers are urged to get in touch with

the airline’s customer service department at least 24 hours before the

departure. Pets are allowed in the cabin for an additional price, but they

must be in a carrier that fits beneath the seat.

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