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Frontier Airline is a low-end airline service of the United States. The Airline quality service offers flights to over 178 destination spread across the United States. Airline has employed 3,000 air-travel professionals which are constantly working for the customer. With its primary hub at the Denver International Airport, the airline service operates from two secondary hubs, namely New Castle Airport in Wilmington, Delaware and Trenton-Mercer Airport near Trenton, New Jersey. Established on 8th February 1994, Frontier Airline today has grown to be one of the most popular ultra low-cost carrier services of the United States. currently the Airline, recognized as the eighth-largest commercial airline in the U.S.

Frontier Quality Services and Amenities

Frontier Airline is one of the best low-cost platforms offering a range of quality service for the passenger.
Our on-board services includes electrical supply switches, comfortable seating, and baggage counters for all those travelling
Economy Class. For Business Class passengers, the flights are equipped with audio and visual entertainment mediums to enjoy during the
flight hour, attractive discount coupons and goodies, food and beverages(including both usual and alcoholic drinks) and much more.
If you want to save your money and want to take the advangtage of our quality servies, you just need to call our customer support number (+18668279894) and we will book a flights for you.

Baggage Policies (We allow you more...........)

The passengers have to pay varying amounts as per slab rates depending on the baggage quantity and weight they are carrying along with them. Frontier Airlines do not undertake responsibility for damaged baggage. For fragile baggage, one needs to make use of the stick-on slip that says “Fragile”  to ensure the baggage is carried with extra care. In case of loss of baggage, one needs to file a complaint at the baggage counter before leaving the airport.  Batteries, arms, drugs, compressed cans, deodorants and sharp objects are strictly prohibited. To avoid loss of missing baggage and flight cancellations, the airline service also offers travel insurance that is chargeable but protects against losses incurred from tickets cancellations and loss of baggage while traveling.

Carry-On Bags

Carry-On bags should not be larger than 24" tall, 16" wide, and 10"deep and not heavier than 35 pounds(15.8757 Kg).
Bags and other carry-on material must be able to fit either underneath the seat or in the overhead bin. Special advantage
for Frontier Miles Elite members they will recieve free carry-on. It is important to note that if you arrive at the gate with
a carry-on bag that exceeds the allowable dimensions you will have an additional charge to gate check the bag. Each passenger is allowed one personal item (should not be larger than 18" wide, 14" tall, and 8" deep)at no additional charge.
Note: Carry-On fees are refundable

Checked Bags

The weight of the bag should not heavier 50 pounds and must be within 62 linear inches(length + width + depth). Baggage that exceeds these limits will
have an additional charge and bags over 100 pounds or in excess of 110 linear inches will not be accepted.

Meals and Beverages

Frontier airline meals are not included in the price of your Frontier tickets, we have limited in-flight menu onboard our flight
offer non-alcoholic beverages, wines, and beers but additionally it can be bought by the passenger. We do offer food and beverages in-flight for purchase.
These are not complimentary,as we would rather pass the cost saving on to our customers by offering the lowest fares possible.

Fly with Pets
Domestic dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or small household birds may be carried on flights within United States.
To fly with your pets you will be charged a basic amount which depends upon the fare and frequent flyer status.
Only domesticated dogs and cats may be carried to or from international destinations. For safety reasons, your pet must
stay in their travel container at all the time.
Note: We do not allow pets to be checked as baggage.

A few things to know about your pet’s traveling container:

(1).Pet travel container must be large enough for the pet to stand, turn around and lie down in a natural position.
(2).The container must also fit underneath the seat in front of you.
(3).There may be certain seats that cannot accommodate your pet container,
but we'll work with you to get a seat assignment with space.
(4).Maximum dimensions for a pet container are 18" length x 14" width x 8" height.
(5)In addition to the travel container for your pet, you are allowed either a personal item OR a carry-on bag.
Note: An additional fee will apply for the carry-on bag.