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American Airlines Date Change will allow you to change the date of your American Airlines flight so that

you can change the date of your flight:

Go to the ‘My Trips’ option on the American Airlines Date change website.

To access your reservation, type your last name and reservation number.

Click the “Change Trip” option after selecting the desired flight.

Choose the revised departure and arrival dates, then look for flights.

If there is a fare difference, choose the new flights that work best for you and continue to


Moreover, you can reschedule your departure date by contacting American Airlines customer

service or American Airlines Date Change going to a ticketing counter at the airport. Please take

note that depending on your ticket type, change fees and tariff variations may be necessary.

American Airlines Date Change Policy are described as follows:

•Fees are not changed if you are flying in selected long haul international flights as long as you

are not flying basic economy and domestic short-haul flights.

•Basic economy fares purchased are non changeable and non refundable.

•It also includes flying standby if you want to fly an earlier flight to the similar destination on the

same day for all types of domestic flights.

•The good news is that, in most cases, changing an American Airlines flight won’t cost you

anything. Remember that you will be responsible for paying any fare increases on your new


•You can alter the origin and/or destination of your ticket as well as use the value of your current

ticket towards the new fee. You can apply the value of the price difference towards a future flight

if the new fare is less expensive than the one you originally paid.

•The abolition of change fees by American does not apply to foreign flights that take off from

regions other than North and South America. Basic economy flights with Asian origins are the

only exception to this rule; they cannot be changed.

American Airlines Date Change

• The finest airline in the Nation is American Airlines. The main objective of American Airlines is

to offer its customers courteous services, including simple ways to alter flights and the best

responses to their questions. American Airlines Date Change Policy enables you to change

your trip on the same day for the same destination by paying a minimal amount for a new seat


on a different flight of your choosing, subject to change fees. Depending on the AA Flight

Change Policy, passengers can change their flight on American Airlines without paying a cost.

•Also, American Airlines fully redesigned its flight change procedure, which now includes a step-

by-step flow. To learn more about the status of your flight, read the article in full.

•To avoid paying additional fees for a trip modification, make sure you have all the necessary

information before changing the date of your American Airlines journey. Follow the steps below

to learn more about the policy:

•If your booking qualifies, you have 24 hours after purchasing the ticket to change the date of

your flight. Within 24 hours of making your reservation, you may change your flight without

incurring any additional costs.

•Depending on your ticket category, American Airlines will impose a flight change cost that

starts at $200. If American Airlines delays or reschedules your trip for a specific reason you

just have to be calm or you can ask for refund in case of cancellation.

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