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American Airlines Customer Service |+1 (914) 339-2474


American Airlines customer service provides following means to get in touch with them:


Phone: Dial +1(914)339-2474 to reach American Airlines customer service. For general support, call this number anytime.



Twitter: You can tweet any worries or inquiries to @AmericanAir, which is American Airlines’ official Twitter handle.


Live Chat: By selecting the “Chat with us” button on the American Airlines website, you may also engage in live chat with a customer support agent.


Email: You can fill out the form on American Airlines’ website under the “Contact Us” section and choose the appropriate topic if you want to connect by email.


Mobile App: If you have the American Airlines mobile app, go to the “Contact Us” area to get in touch with customer support.


American Airlines Customer Service provides best quality service in terms of food, resolving the problems of passengers in best possible way with calm and composure by our customer service representatives.


American Airlines Customer Service


We have different flight policy which is entitled in the favor of our passenger so that their journey is risk free and memorable. We provide special care to senior citizens and kids in order to not let them suffer in finding seats and good quality food.


Our crew members are well trained and well behaved and they know how to deal tough and stressful situations and manage every task properly.


Our American Airlines Customer Service understands the relationship between pets and humans. And we values their emotions. So in order to support this, we have launched a special pet policy under which we allow people to travel comfortably with their pet.


Our crew members are well trained in providing first-aid and special care during emergency. We are dedicated to providing a positive travel experience for all customers.


American Airlines Customer Service provides good quality seats and they keep their environment hygienic in the flight around the passengers. And we also provides emergency medical treatment to our customers. In the case of senior citizens who cannot walk , we also provides wheel chair for them.


Our courtesy is to provide blanket and pillow to passengers for making their journey comfortable. We care  about our customer’s feeling. We always try to provide safe and comfortable journey to all our passengers ,so that they choose our airlines more often to travel and reach their destination.


If you want any kind of special luxury, you can provide us your details while booking your tickets.


Calling customer care at is the quickest way to get in touch with American Airlines regarding impending travel. Tell the voice prompt system what you want, and it will direct you to the right department.


The system will offer to call you back when it’s your turn if you have to wait a long time for an agent. Consider contacting American Airlines via social media for a faster response.


You can contact +1 (914) 339-2474 at American Airlines Customer Service through its website with questions, comments, or complaints about previous trips. Choose the section that most closely relates to your problem on this American Airlines customer service page to start. All of our clients can count on a satisfying travel experience from us. You can contact +1 (914) 339-2474 if you have any inquiries or need to make specific travel arrangements. To reach the National Relay Service and request assistance if you have hearing or speech impairments, phone +1 (914) 339-2474.


Several of the service objectives we set for ourselves are addressed in this customer service plan. American Airlines and American Eagle value each and every one of its customers, and we work hard to make sure that every flight you take with us is memorable. Our top priorities are your safety, comfort, and convenience.


The provision of customized services to clients are:

•assistance in the event that your flight is cancelled or delayed

•delivery of luggage

•Liability for luggage

•Time limits for check-in and baggage acceptance

•Customer loyalty program – Advantage Events that result in delays, cancellations, and detours

•Customer needs that cannot be ignored during lengthy delays

family space oversold flight operations

•American Airlines flights have 24-hour hold policies and guaranteed rates (including American Airlines flights operated by codeshare partners)

•handling of client concerns

•lowest available fare.


For any query or issue related to American Airlines Customer Service passengers can contact us.

To know more about our flights and queries related to customer service you can call us at  +1 (914) 339-2474 by 24*7.

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