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Tap Portugal is one of the prestigious airline in the world.  Tap Portugal is the flag carrier airline for Portugal with its headquarters situated in Lisbon. Founded in the year 1945 but commenced its operation in 1946 the airline gained the status of being one of the most reputed airline in Europe. The Airline won many prestigious awards over the years from various institutions and being recently awarded as ‘The best Airline in Europe’ by the reputed Global Traveler magazine. The Airline has a vast network of routes, tailored in-flight menus, exceptional in-flight concierge services and terrific customer support system.  The Airline is a Star-Alliance member, the largest airline alliance organization, and operates an average of 2500 flights in a week to 76 popular destination in 29 countries around the globe. . You can find Tap Portugal  best offer deal to destination like Port, Funchal, Paris, London, Boston, Casablanca and many more. If you want to experience the quality services of the Airline, you just need to call our customer support care number (+118668279894).

Tap Portugal Offers best in class Services and Amenities

Many Airline ask us how you do it, the answer is quite simple give quality & affordable services and make sure your services can put smile over passenger faces.

Some of them are:

  • World-class chefs conjure the in-flight menus offering not only global cuisines but also Portuguese exotic dishes.
  • Breakfast, buffet lunch, snacks and an array of Wines and other beverages in Business class.
  • A full-course meal including hot meal, cold meal, Snacks and Wine in Economy class.
  • A comprehensive and entertaining in-flight magazine called ‘Up’ which gives you the best of Portugal and the world.
  • On-Air Wi-Fi across all classes and flights.
  • Lie-flat beds in Business class depending on which route you take.
  • Personal entertainment on-seat with an array of television shows and movies to choose from.

Baggage Policy (Simple to understand…)

Hand Baggage:-

For Business class TAP Portugal allows you to carry 2 pieces of cabin-baggage, each not exceeding 8kgs. However for Economy class, it allows you to carry 1 piece of cabin-baggage not exceeding 8kgs.

Check-in Baggage: -

For Business/Executive class, one piece of luggage not exceeding 32kgs. This allowance is also applicable for Economy class for flights going to and fro Brazil. On all other routes, the check-in baggage allowance for Economy class is 23kgs.

Fly with Pets on TAP Portugal (we know how much you love your pet….)

Pets are allowed in the Cabin but the passenger whom the pet is associated with need to follow certain Rules & Policy of the Airline.

Passengers traveling with animals must:

  • Present the animal’s documents (health certificates, passports and other documents identifying the animal).
  • Check-in personnel in the airport will verify if all conditions are complied with for the transportation of your pet in the hold. You are asked to sign a disclaimer.
  • Provide the food and water needed for the trip.

Pets in Cabin Transport Rules

  • Only dogs and cats can be transported in the cabin
  • The flexible bag/carry case may only be used for transporting animals
  • The flexible bag/carry case must be watertight (capable of retaining animal fluids)
  • There must be enough space within the flexible bag/carry case to allow the animal to move
  • Confirmation that an animal may be carried in the hold is subject to available space, the type and total weight of the animal and the flexible bag/carry case, the type of aircraft, the cabin in which the passenger is travelling, and the destination country’s restrictions on the admission of animals
  • All of the animal must be contained within the flexible bag/carry case (including head and tail) throughout the flight
  • Each passenger may carry one flexible animal transport bag/carry case, which may contain more than one animal of the same species
  • Should the animal meet all the conditions that allow it to travel in the cabin and have the proper confirmation, the flexible animal transport bag/carry case must be placed under the seat in front of the passenger responsible for it without causing any obstruction to free movement through the cabin
  • The animal may not occupy a seat or move about in the cabin
  • The animals must be clean, healthy and odor-free
  • They must not be a danger to or disturb other passengers
  • Females cannot be pregnant
  • We are unable to carry cats or dogs in the executive cabin on long-haul flights (except assistance dogs on some services).